Hardened Industrial DIN-Rail Switches

Durable, rugged, easy-to-deploy switches that are certified to be reliable even in extreme environments.


Standards Compliant

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Created to Withstand Extreme Heat and Sub-Zero Temperatures

The DIS switches are designed to easily handle extreme temperature fluctuations,* and can cold start at their coldest temperatures.
With superior environmental protections to commercial switches, these switches are reliable in a huge variety of field applications.

*Check product documentation for details on operating temperature.  

Built Tough, Built to Last

With their strong build, the whole family of DIS industrial switches are certified against vibration, shock and free-fall. Housed in a highly durable IP30-rated metal casing combined with a high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), the DIS series are designed to operate reliably in the harshest environments.

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High Availability with Rapid Failover

The DIS-100G and DIS-200G series have high availability network features to maximise uptime and ensure automation networks are always working. They also feature rapid failover for almost instantaneous recovery time of < 50 ms. 

High Availability with Rapid Failover - ERPS Ring
Redundant power

High Redundancy Design

All the DIS industrial switches feature a power redundancy design for enhanced reliability. A dual power input allows for a redundant power supply to ensure the network keeps running in the event of a primary power supply failure.


Easy to Deploy

Suitable for outdoor cabinet environments, these switches have multiple mounting options. 

Their compact size makes efficient use of curbside cabinet space, and they feature snap-to-rail clips for instant deployment.

DIS Series


Gigabit Industrial Unmanaged Switches

  • High EMC endurance, fanless design, and a wide operating temperature range
  • IP30 housing
  • Plug and play compact form factor design
  • PoE support


Layer 2 Gigabit Industrial Smart Managed Switches

  • High EMC endurance, fanless design, and wider operating temperature range
  • IP30 housing
  • Small form factor design
  • PoE support
  • Flexible management options

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