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Sunshine Coast School District #46

An Alternative Switching Solution backed by Outstanding Service puts D-Link Networks, K-12 Business Solutions - Miles Ahead of the Competition


Students and teachers in the province of B.C. are ramping up with the K-12 Provincial Learning Network’s Next Generation Network Upgrade. Also known as NGN, the Ministry of Education launched a multi-year investment in the province’s classrooms with start-up costs of over $137 million.

School District 46 Sunshine Coast, in British Columbia, covers an area in the Sunshine Coast region northwest of Greater Vancouver, including the communities of Gibsons, and Sechelt. This school district includes 14 schools and provides a variety of programs to students K-12. As a provincially funded initiative, in partnership with IBM, the province of British Columbia launched this massive technology change-over to bring an NGN that would link schools together and replace an old infrastructure of hardware and software. Many of the B.C. school districts are unaware of the role they can take to make this initiative the success they envision, by leveraging D-Link they will get the solution and services they require for a successful NGN implementation.

 The Challenge:

District #46 knows the benefits of what the team at D-Link Networks brings with a 15+ year track record of working with D-Link for their solutions and supporting services to their schools. Phil Luporini, Principal at District #46; “D-Link has been a loyal hardware solution and service partner and I wanted to be sure this build was done to reflect our schools’ needs”. Phil wanted to provide his story to share their success with other districts so they can learn by this experience. Jay Calvert, the technical lead on this initiative puts it well: “We were told that we should look to change our technology partner, however when we delved in deeper, the value just wasn’t there with the others. Because of that, we stuck with D-Link”. D-Link delivered a more competitive price and included up front training and support during installation, all free of charge.

 The Solution:

Both Phil and Jay had the confidence from day one that D-Link would be the forward thinking technology partner they expected for District #46 and the team of engineers and solution providers pulled it all together quickly and to the specification compatibility requirements. Not only did they provide Enterprise level quality in their switches, the D-Link team delivered the level of value that no-one else offers. Jay commented “Every new launch has its challenges, and with every question or support needed the D-Link team was there with response times within 15 minutes every time; they dealt with it and on to the next step.” “Yes, plus the added value of complimentary training was easy on our pocket book – more importantly, only D-Link offers free training, live on implementation and during various times throughout the year” added Phil.

The competition provides limited warrantees, without free training and their support is through an annual contract of ‘pay-per individual device’. This would really add up! The DGS-3620 deployment was seamless and allowed the district to connect to the Telus network and NGN network for the province.

In our experience:

“D-Link will continue to be a key partner and the backbone of our district as we continue to replace our switches. The other technology companies are not nimble or entrepreneurial enough and couldn’t bring the quality and support this partnership brings us.”
 —Phil Luporini, District Principal, School District 46 Sunshine Coast

What we saw everyday:

“The D-Link team had our backs through each and every step of our implementation – leading edge in enterprise switches and also in the training and support of their products. Thank you Jay Goodwin for orchestrating an outstanding implementation.”
 —Jay Calvert, Project and Technical Lead, School District 46 Sunshine Coast

 The product integration for Sunshine Coast School District #46 included:

  • DGS-3620-28PC/SI switches – features – BGP and OSPF routing
  • 24 port 10/100/1000 managed layer 3 switch
  • POE support at 370W and 4-10Gb SFP+ ports - for future proofing of the data centre and and deployment of 10Gb connectivity