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1 Port 10GBASE-X XFP Fiber Module


  • 10 Gigabit Fiber XFP Module for
  •  xStack 3200 DXS/DWS-3200 Series

The DEM-411X is a 1-port 10 Gigabit XFP Module for the xStack 3200 Series switch. Fiber XFP is a means of transporting data over long distances at speeds up to 10Gbps. The DEM-411X is fully IEEE 802.3ae compliant and supports data transfer at full duplex for congestion-free data transport. The DEM-411X can be mixed and matched with the DEM-411T (10Gigabit CX4 module) to provide both 10Gigabit copper and fiber interfaces on a single switch chassis. The DEM-411X supports industry standards and may be compatible with 3rd party XFP transceivers. The DEM-411X can be used to interconnect switches, uplink to servers or provide a clean fiber bandwidth channel for SAN and other network storage devices. For a complete solution, the D-Link DEM-421XT 10Gbase-SR XFP can be added for fiber runs over multi-mode cabling up to 300 meters. If longer hauls are required, D-Link offers the DEM-422XT single-mode 10Gbase-LR XFP capable of distance runs up to 10Km.

Product/Performance Specifications
Module Compliant to following standards:

  • IEEE 802.3ae
  • Support Full-Duplex operation only
  • 1 open XFP transceiver slot

Physical & Enviornmental

  • Dimensions (D x W x H)
  • 4.50in x 2.31in x 1.20in (114.3mm x 58.4mm x 30.5mm)


  • 0.19lbs (86 grams)

Operating Temperature Range

  • 32˚F to122˚F (0˚C to 50˚C)

Storage Temperature Range

  • -36˚F to 126˚F (-20˚C to 70˚C)

Operating Humidity

  • 90% (Non condensing)

Ordering Information
Part Number Description

  • DEM-411X 1 Port 10Gbase-X fiber XFP module
  • DEM-421XT 10Gbase-SR XFP up to 300 meters 
  • DEM-422XT 10Gbase-LR XFP up to 10 Km

Business Benefits

"We’re on the air and on the Internet because of D-Link switches. We’re very comfortable with the hardware, it’s been flawless."
Steven Bothwick
Director of Information Management Systems New Hampshire Public Radio

How to get the

Hardware revisions
Downloads can vary across product revisions.
How can I find my hardware version?
The Hardware version is located on the product information sticker on the bottom of the box and on the bottom of the product. It is marked with H/W.
Ex. H/W Ver: A1

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