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IFTTT connects
your home

IFTTT (If This Then That) is the language of a Smart Home. Build your own device recipes to create amazing interactions around the home.

Pair your D-Link Connected Home devices to other IFTTT-enabled products and apps to do amazing things around your home.


In tune with your life

D-Link Connected Home devices can trigger events with online services like Facebook, Evernote, SMS, Google Calendar and many more. Add a published Recipe or create your own to get a text alert when your kids get home from school or when your favorite team gets a win. If you can imagine it, you can probably automate it.

A universe of possibilities

So, what can IFTTT and D-Link Connected Home products do together? Glad you asked.


Control your devices and appliances from anywhere.


Don't be surprised by a flooded basement or busted water heater.


Is someone at the door? Don't make your guests wait.


For you early risers, wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

With endless ways to connect the apps, sites, and devices you love, there's really only one question: how will you use it?

How to get started


Step 1

Install the IF by IFTTT app on your Android or iOS device to create your free account.


Step 2

Search and select your D-Link product and connect your mydlink Home account.


Step 3

Scroll through the published Recipes or create your own.


Step 4

Add the Recipe you want and enjoy your customized Smart Home solution!

IF App Store Apple App Store Google Play

Free app for iOS and Android


Simply visit on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to start adding and creating Recipes for the mydlink Connected Home devices below:


Wi-Fi Smart Plugs


Wi-Fi Sensors


Wi-Fi Siren


Wi-Fi Motion Sensor