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Round-The-Clock Surveillance for Busy Businesses

A surveillance solution you can rely on day and night to keep an ever watchful eye, without the fuss.


Footage That Can Be Relied On

Footage That Can Be Relied On

When something unsavory happens, you need high quality footage that you can count on. D-Link's surveillance solutions ensure you have access to high quality, high FPS surveillance footage at all times.

Low Latency Low Latency
Smooth Video Streaming Smooth Video Streaming
Plenty of bandwidth Plenty of Bandwidth
Long Range PoE capable Long Range PoE Capable

Take the Complexity Out of Your Surveillance Setup

Easily establish your surveillance network with our solutions.
They’re specifically designed for businesses that want an effective surveillance network that does a great job without drawing attention.

Power Devices No Matter Where

All surveillance switches come fully equipped with PoE support and enhanced power budgets. Need to install a camera but there’s no power outlet? No problem. Need external cameras to keep an eye on entryways or car parking? Solved!

Long-Range PoE

Selected switches offer ‘Extend Mode’ to support PoE devices even further away. Activate 'Extend Mode' to increase operable distance from 100 m to 250 m.

Still not enough? Combine with the DPE-302GE PoE Extender and extend PoE up to 650 m.

Large PoE power budgetEnhanced Power Budgets

All surveillance switches come with enhanced PoE power budgets. This means you can connect even more PoE ready devices such as cameras.

Large PoE power budgetMix & Match PoE Devices

D-Link offers a variety of cameras, including bullet or fisheye, that can be mixed and matched to be suit your deployment needs.

Keep an Eye on Your Stock

  • Improved safety for staff and customers
  • Protect your stock from theft
  • Deter potential criminal activity
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Get Started

There’s no need to be a tech pro, D-Link’s surveillance solutions are a hassle-free way to set up a secure surveillance network. The result is invaluable peace of mind thanks to a network you can rely on.

Gigabit Ethernet PoE Switches

DSS-200G series

DSS-200G series
  • High PoE budgets and 6kV surge protection on all PoE ports
  • DIP switch for easy deployment to fit various scenarios
  • Auto-detect ONVIF devices
  • Two modes designed for surveillance