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Solutions to keep business & corporate networks secure

In today’s inter-connected, web-based business environment, a company’s network security is key to their stability, productivity and success.

Increasingly businesses with mobile or remote workers, or that who employ social media as a tool have a greater likelihood of experiencing crippling data network security breaches. D-Link’s Network Security Solutions will help you maintain a healthy network free from virus attacks, unauthorized intrusion and harmful content.

With a full array of components, including Unified Threat Management appliances, firewalls and network switches, D-Link security solutions work together to prevent network disruption from internal and external threats and are easy to install, manage and update.

Related Case Studies

With much foresight, the Grundy County IT team creates an infrastructure ready to face security issues and even lightning strikes—despite strict budgets, thanks to D-Link’s low TCO.
Pana School District - Internet System
District coordinates four different local service providers to deliver an end-to-end solution with PoE wireless, VoIP, and a split-route Star network resulting in huge productivity gains and centralised automation.


  • Prevents costly network disruptions and slowdowns 
  • Maximizes your investments
  • Integrate seamlessly to strengthen your existing network security or create a comprehensive end-to-end infrastructure
  • Easy to implement and manage